When we originally launched, we launched with solely our Strong Hold Classic Pomade (Check the article here.)This product received glowing accolades from all our customers and even a fewPomade Aficionados . As we started to grow in popularity, we also grew to have more customers that wanted the same quality pomade but with different characteristics. We got countless calls, emails and requests for a “Lighter” hold pomade that would be easily re-stylable.  And thus, the Medium Hold Fiber Pomade was born.

About 4 months into Admiral Men’s Grooming’s start, we began grinding away on our second product. It had to have the characteristics below:

       - Have a Medium/Strong/Lite Hold depending on how much you used.
       - Be 100% Water Soluble and wash out easily in the shower.
       - Formulated to the highest industry standard
       - Have a Matte finish.
       - Smell like the best beach day you’ve ever had…In your life.

Once we knew what we and our customers wanted, we started drilling down the formulation. I can honestly say we went through about 50 samples before we nailed this one. It was EXTREMELY tricky. But in the end, after many styling sessions and barber tweaks, we had it dialed.

Medium Hold Fiber Pomade


I’ll say it plain and simple… THIS PRODUCT CAN WORK FOR 99% OF THE TRADITIONAL BARBER STYLES POPULAR TODAY. If you’re looking for a “Workhorse Pomade” as we call it, this one is for you. Unlike the medium/high shine provided by our Strong Hold Classic Pomade, our Medium Hold Fiber Pomade is a completely matte finish. Another quality that makes this product special is that its hold completely depends on how much you use. If you use a small dab, you’ll have a messy/post beach day look, if you use a lot, it’ll be hard give you the “Classic” hard part, strong hold look. 

I’ll say this, the Medium Hold Fiber Pomade is actually my favorite pomade. It gives you a wide range of choices for daily styling and smells like nothing else on the market. We regularly send out deals on our styling products so if you haven’t already, JOIN THE MAILING LIST!