Now, to sit here and say Argan Oil provides some magic bullet to hair loss would be Ludacris (not the rapper). It doesn’t. And if any company out there is claiming it does, they’re scamming you. Now, what I CAN say about Argan Oil is this; it will assist in giving you an extremely healthy head of hair, it will 100% increase hair strength, it will assist with styling and it may, just may, help preserve your current hair line. 

Argan Oil History

Argan Oil is relatively new to the Men’s Grooming scene, but unlike many of its predecessors it has a long history.

Native to Morocco, Argan trees and the oil that comes from it has long been used to treat skin diseases, acne or dryness caused by desert like conditions and of course, hair. The tree is in fact so unique it nature that in 1998 UNESCO declared one of the largest Argan Forests a Biosphere Reserve.

Benefits of Argan Oil

So, this all sounds great and dandy but what does it all mean for you and that luscious head of hair? Well below is a short list of citable facts for what makes this oil so damn special.

        - Facial – Argan Oil is beneficial as a moisturizer and toner for skin.
        - Appearance of Fine Lines – It also prevents the depth of wrinkles caused by aging and UV ray damage.
        - Scarring – Can lighten scars and pigmentation
        - Bacterial Build Up in hair – Acts as an anti-bacterial agent to prevent build up in the hair that in turn leads to hair loss
        - Leave in Oil – Pure Argan Oil can be a great leave in oil that prevents frizz and dryness (the number one enemy of the perfect side part)
        - Deep Conditioning Treatment – Works to penetrate damaged hair and rejuvenate strands from the root.
        - Prevents Dandruff – Prevents scalp dryness that caused dandruff

 Argan Oil Men’s Shampoo

So, with all that, you get the point, this shit rocks. It has killer hydrating properties that bring all the necessary angles you would need for the perfect head of hair. These reasons and more are why we selected this oh so special oil as the main focus of our Shampoo. In the end, we wanted to produce a shampoo that would assist with specifically men’s hair styles and this product goes above and beyond in that department. Check it out for yourself!