… the short and quick of it? Every. Other. Day. For both shampoo and conditioner. And also, they should be used on alternating days. You should use a shampoo on one day and a conditioner on the other.

How often should guys use shampoo?

Shampoo companies over the years have led you to believe that the use of their shampoo should be used daily. The reason? Mostly to increase sales, but also because they’re dicks. Here are the (2) main reasons.

          - Low quality products need to be used daily because instead of enriching your hair they’re actually stripping it of vital oils to “Clean” it.

          - Because you’ll use more product which in turn results in higher frequency of purchasing their products.

In the end, you shouldn’t use a shampoo, no matter the quality, more than 3-4 per week. The complete loss of natural oils can result in susceptibility to bacterial build, dry scalp syndrome (dandruff) and even hair loss.

Alright, so you get the point, “but what about conditioning, that’s a daily thing to right?”

How often should guys use conditioner?

Wrong. Similar to Shampoo, the term Daily Conditioner has found it’s way into cosmetic marketing companies hearts. It instills the false reality that you should be using this product daily.

The problem? Most of these conditioners are not designed for Men’s Hair… or maybe anything but doll hair to be honest. Most large cosmetic companies just use chemicals that mimic natural oils because they’re cheaper. This provides your hair with a short lived “Soft” feeling but in the end, since they’re not real oils, they wear off.  Conditioner is designed to add weight and also seal your now oil-free hair. Nothing more, nothing less. Make sure you pick up a quality conditioner designed specifically for men and use it 2-3 times per week.

Simply put, be careful, do your homework and use products every other day. If you don’t feel like doing that, listen to us, we’re kind of experts.

Happy Grooming!