Whether it’s San Francisco or New York, every town has it’s own style. And with the recent resurgence in Men’s Grooming, America’s Mecca’s have started to pick their favorites. Simply put, the single biggest influence behind these trends is one thing: history.  We decided to piece together the most popular Men’s hairstyles in America’s Major Cities. Below is what we found.

 1. Los Angeles – The Classic Side-Part  

Whether it’s an influence from the 60’s surf scene or Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez from Sandlot, Los Angeles has always been known for keeping it classy with the Classic Side Part.

Styled with Pomade the Classic Side Part is usually cut with a 3-Below guard on the sides and a layered fade with medium length (3.5”+) of hair on top.

 2. New York – The Fade 

New York has a long history of Barbershops. As one of the oldest cities in the US and one of the biggest cultural melting pots, New York is renowned in the barber world for high quality fades and perfect cuts. Staying true to its roots, the Big Apple doesn’t disappoint with some of the best fades we’ve ever seen.

 3. San Francisco – The Undercut 

As a city that’s considered the center of innovation and technology, San Francisco has also chosen the most modern cut on our list. As a sort of technologic mutation of the classic side-part, the Undercut consists of a 2 or below guard on the sides and 4.5” of hair on the top with the a disconnected fade (no fade).

 4. Boston – The Ivy League 

Boston, although known for possibly being one of the most outspoken cities on our list, is also known for Polo’s, Boat Shoes and Yacht parties on “The Vineyard”. Keeping tradition with generations past, Boston’s favorite cut is a new take on an old school favorite.

 5. Miami – The Euro Pompadour 

Notoriously flashy, dangerous and focused on giving many fucks with regards to looks, Miami seems to be trending with the likes of Spain and France when it comes to hairstyles. Inspired by some of Europe’s top Soccer Players, the Euro Pompadour captures Miami’s Latin flare and passion for life.