Step 1 – Shower Routine + Quality Products 

 The first step to achieving the perfect pompadour starts in the shower. We recommend using a Shampoo daily and a Conditioner every three. The reason for this is if you use a conditioner too often, you’ll actually find your hair less style-able.  Conditioner helps keep you hair healthy but also “Lighter”.

After you’re done showering, you should comb your hair into a perfect side part and let it dry for about 5-10 minutes (or until it’s about half as damp as when you left shower.

At this point, once the hair has had time to sit, towel dry until it’s only slightly damp.

Note*** You may find that over time styling a select style becomes easier. This is due to the fact that as you style your hair has memory and will start to grow in the shape you mostly comb it into. This is also applies inversely, if you take a few days off, you’ll notice you need more time to achieve the desired shape.

 Step 2 – Pomade Application 

For the Perfect Pompadour the only product to use is Pomade. Pomade’s wax base will help settle out of place hairs while also increasing thickness of strands.

For application, depending on hair length, we recommend about a quarter size dab or the end of your index finger. At this point, apply Pomade to middle of palms and rub product together without getting product between your fingers. The goal is to coat the “face” of your hand. 

Tips for the Perfect Pompadour

After spreading product evenly through hand, you should apply the product into your hair in straight back motions. This coats the top of the hair and applies most of the product on the surface. After between 6-12 passes backwards, remaining product should be applied in a forward motion. This applies product to the under hairs and prevents stray hairs during styling.

 Step 3 – Finding your Part 

As one of the most asked questions, finding your part is important and vital to the Perfect Pompadour.

Firstly, every part is different. Different hair, different hairlines and different shaped heads all support different part locations. A more rounded head will usually have a higher part where as a more squared head will have a lower part. The way to find your part is after applying product to comb your hair straight back. Once you have combed your hair straight back, there will usually be a place where the hair starts to fall in opposite directions. Using a Fine Toothed Comb, run the point of the comb down this line and push hairs in opposites directions making sure they do not over lap in anyway along the line.

 Step 4 – Styling the Pompadour 

The final and most important step is styling the actual pompadour.  After applying product your hair should feel thick but not dry.

Tips for the Perfect Pompadour

At this point, your hair should be slightly damp and parted with a messy side part. The following 4 steps will help you style the perfect pompadour.

1. Depending on hair cut, you should first organize your hairs. By this, we mean, moving along the part you created earlier, you should comb your hairs in the natural direction they fall.

2. Next, using your free hand, comb the higher hairs in a diagnol direction following with your hand to push down stray hairs. You should not be pressing down as this will make volume hard to achieve.

3.To Achieve volume, you’ll need to place your free hand in the middle of your head and push your hair slightly forward while simultaneously combing the front of your hair straight up. This helps achieve height in the front.

4. Finally, you should comb your sides and pull the back of your hair as far to the center as possible. This will give the pompadour a singular look and create the streamline finish a perfect pompadour requires. 

To note, not all pompadours are created equal and not all hair can achieve the “Iconic” pompadour look. For best results, you should take into account your hair thickness, you hair length and curl factor. At this point you’ll be able to determine the best height and sleekness you should try for. 

Happy Styling!


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