Back in early 2013, pomade was not what it is now. It sounds crazy right? Less than 3 years ago… Your options were oil based or “The Big 4” (Suavecito, Layrite, Uppercut & Imperial). It was rough… We knew people needed something else. And thus, our strong hold pomade was born.

Originally, we were what is now called  “Home-brewers”. The first batch of Admiral Pomade was made in our kitchen, in a mason jar, with ingredients we had ordered off Amazon. It was waxy, it didn’t wash out and it had an odd fragrance.  After about 2-dozen tries, some annoyed roommates and many burns, we knew we needed something better. So, we went out and found it.

We searched and searched and with a bit of luck found a company based out of Los Angeles that had both our vision and drive to make high quality men’s grooming products. We worked closely with them for 9 straight months testing sample after sample with our good friend at Capitol Barbershop (Now owner of Goodtimes in Imperial Beach) Brent Ferris. We tested the product in virtually every type of hair with numerous classic styles; the consensus? We had nailed it. The product worked and it worked extremely well. On our Initial launch, we sold out of our 900 jars in about 1-month. People loved the product and thus, Admiral Classic Pomade was born.

Admiral Strong Hold Pomade Performance


Now that you know how this product came to be, you’re probably wondering “What should I expect?” This is probably the most discussed aspect of this particular product. The performance of our Classic Strong Hold differs from many other Water Based pomades out there for a few reasons:

- It’s a “Strong Hold”, not a super hold. Because of this, yes, you will never have “Helmet Head”. We designed the product to firm but not “Harden”. If you experience a “Crunchy” texture, it’s because you used FAR too much.
- It’s infused with American sourced Beeswax. This gives it the ability to hold a style without being “Stuck in place”. You can run your fingers through your hair as normally as you could with an oil-based.
- It washes out without soap. This was something we spent the most time mastering. This isn’t a “Gel”. It’s a wax-based product. The latter makes the ability to wash it out without shampoo all the more tricky.
- The Coconut Scent comes from essential oils, not chemicals. Because of this, it has a much more natural fragrance than other products on the market.

In the end, we consider our Classic Pomade to be best in class. It was developed alongside some of the best barbers in the US and uses only safe ingredients to achieve this. If you’re looking for a light product that doesn’t rub off and become sticky in your hands, has a strong hold and smells like heaven, we suggest our Strong Hold Classic Pomade.

Happy Styling!