You’ve been told lies by major shaving companies… for a very long time. First, they sold you on the cartridge system to increase sales, but you already knew that. Using a Safety Razor will give you a significantly superior shave at a fraction of the cost. Secondly, after making the switch, they didn’t update their shave line to compliment those new blade systems. But rest assured, team Admiral is here to free you from the tyranny that is Gillette.

How it Started
It’s really simple, back in the early 1900’s, the main shave was a straight edge razor. A straight edge is the ultimate shave but understandably a very “intense” option for at home use. It uses an incredibly sharp single blade stroked at a certain angle to cut facial hair. When cutting with such a sharp blade, you obviously needed a pretty thick cream. Thus, the Barbasols of the world were born. They use foaming agents (sometimes including harsh chemicals) and fragrance to build up an extremely thick lather.

Vintage Shaving was different and used different blades

Why your shave cream sucks.
The problem with this is simple; you cannot shave with a cartridge system using a thick shave cream because the combination of thick cream, hair and skin particles is notorious for getting clogged in between blades. You’ve experienced it, we know. 

The Solution
At the cost of sounding too pitchy and owning our own amazing shave cream, we’ll provide you with a few options.

  1. - Instead of using Barbasol or other Gel/Foaming shaving creams, use a high quality bar soap. Rinse it under hot water and get a nice lather going in your hands. You’ll be surprised at what a good shave this provides.
  2. - Check out some of the amazing products that have been released on the market that are lite lather or shave butters. You’ll see an incredibly positive increase on razor life, closeness of shave and lack of razor burn owing to the fact that a single swipe with your cartridge will be enough.
  3. Buy our Shave Cream and forget all that shit forever.

We get it, shaving isn’t the most exciting thing to talk about. But if you’ve ever woken up to razor burn or missed patches of facial hair, you’ll know what we’re talking about. If you like your cartridge system but don’t like the results, it’s most likely your shave cream. Switch it up and shave happy.

From the team at Admiral, Happy Grooming!