Matte clay users are specific… they like… what they like. Why is this you might ask? Well, in the realm of men’s grooming products there are a plethora of options out there. This product really found root in the 90’s Men’s Salon Boom. Regrettable, but true. Back when guys had no other option but to stop by and see “Carol” at BOOM! Hair-Salon on their way home. And yes, men’s hairstyles have become more classic over time, the “Friends” spike is definitely on the back burner, but this grooming product has worked across the aisle to become ingrained in the barber culture… because it works. Many Pomade users have found this to be a great back up product for use on the weekends.

Men's grooming Necessities - Lite Hold Matte Clay

 So, if by some chance you’ve never used a clay product you’re probably wondering, what are the characteristics of a “true” matte clay?

- A little goes a long way. A true matte clay product should last you months, even with daily use.
- A Natural finish. When applied, there really should be no up-tick in shine, only stylability.
- Long Lasting. This product should last longer than any other product. One of the reasons is because it’s more of an addition to your natural hair than an actual “Styling” product.
- Increase hair thickness. This one may come has a surprise. Most matte clays will actually make your hair appear thicker if you use the correct amount.
- Next day affect. A quality product will also survive the toss and turn of your hung-over slumber. 

Taking a day off will increase your Hair’s style ability.
Not every day has to have the perfect part. After years of developing products we knew we needed something a little more “relaxed”. Styling your hair in the classic manner using our products will in no way damage your hair, but it’s a good idea to take a day off to let your natural waves shine through maybe once a week. By using a matte clay you’ll be able to keep a loose shape of your normal style while keeping that hard earned part. 

In the end, a Matte clay is a great product used as a support product but also used strictly on it’s own. If you’re looking for something that’s a little more relaxed, has a lite hold and gives your hair texture, check out our Matte Clay.

From the Admiral team, Happy Grooming!