Small Batch products are simple: They’re men’s grooming products produced in volumes of anything less than 5,000 units. So apart from being produced in small increments, what are the other attributes? Simple, they’re usually made in the US instead of in foreign markets, they’re made to be free of harmful chemicals and finally they use high quality ingredients. We’ll cover how companies like ourselves are changing the industry forever.

Cosmetics made in 5000 Units or less

Back in the 1980’s, there was a pretty big push, in all industries, to basically find out HOW CHEAP can we go. It was a race to the bottom and people were buying into it, and Men’s grooming was no different. The products were plastic, they were low quality, but they were cheap. For obvious reasons, over the last 10 years, there has been a big push from consumers back towards better quality men’s grooming products, even if that costs them a few extra dollars. This is where production runs come into play. Here at Admiral, when we initially launched our Classic Pomade we sourced a small manufacturing partner in Los Angeles that had the same ideals as we did. One of the big issues we wanted to put forth was that we wanted these production runs to be accurate, precise and perfect. 

Small Batch products are made in America

Making a product in the good ole’ USA is expensive… point blank. There are some serious cost savings to be had by having cosmetics produced in a foreign land. Although, the margin you lose, you easily make up in quality. Review after review can attest to this, the number one attribute our customers love about our products is the overall quality.

Small Batch products use less harmful chemicals

Parabens, different types of Sulfates, Damaging perservatives. These types of dangerous chemicals, unfortunately, make their way into many different grooming products across the industry. The reason for this is fairly straight forward – cost savings. Here at Admiral, we use Plant Based Preservatives in all our Pomades and full line of products. Simply put, these ingredients, like added sugar in food, just have no reason to exist in the level they do and a majority of products.

Small Batch products use high quality ingredients

Apart from avoiding chemicals, most small batch men’s grooming products use better quality ingredients. To use the analogy further, using better ingredients for cooking usually results in a better meal. The same is true for Men’s Grooming Products. MICA, Organically harvested Beeswax, Mineral Oils, etc are all ingredients you should be on the lookout for when it comes to shopping for the right products.

Overall, I can honestly say that the large corporations are producing safe grooming products. But in the end, paying attention to the label, the ingredients or even shopping small for your Pomades is definitely a way to support companies looking to produce quality over quantity.#HappyGrooming.