We’re not going to lie… we’re pretty F#$%ing stoked right now. We’ve been dreaming about this since we launched Admiral back in 2013. Our goal was to offer a full range of Men’s Grooming products… Not only that, but products we can truly stand behind. And with that, we’re happy to announce that coming late-October we will be launching our 3-Step Shave line. 

So, what makes these products so special? Well apart from the months of R&D, these products were designed to work perfectly in unison, prevent razor burn and provide one of the closest shaves possible. After experiencing some short falls during our own daily shave routines, we incorporated a 3-step system that so perfectly compliments almost any razor on the market that you’ll feel like you went to the barber every morning.

1. Pre Shave Oil
This is quite possibly the most under-rated product you can use while shaving. Our Rosemary Extract formulation was designed to provide a slick-layer under the shave cream for easy glide. This will prevent tugging/catching that causes most forms of Razor burn.
2. Lite Lather Shave Cream
This stuff rocks. Period. Think of pre-lathered shave cream and that’s what you have. This stuff is perfect for a quick shave. Just scoop, apply, shave. No working to a lather.
3. Post Shave Treatment
Also known as “Liquid Ice” around the office this stuff is packed with skin-healing additives and menthol for an incredibly cool feeling finish. It’s also alcohol based to cure nicks and imperfections caused by daily shaving.

Trust us… you’re going to f’ing LOVE this stuff.

Happy Grooming.