The Classic Undercut – This style is currently one of the most requested styles. Consisting of a 1-2 guard on the sides, no layering and about 4.5” on top this style can mostly be styled using a moldable Wax/Fiber Pomade.

The Classic Undercut Men's Hairstyle

The Undercut BlendSimilar to the classic undercut with regards to styling, the blended undercut is just that, blended. Usually a 1-2 guard on the bottoms with a blend up it’s in essence a hybrid between the classic side part and new undercut.

The Undercut Blend Men's Hairstyle

The Gentleman’s PompadourThis modern take on the classic rockabilly styling is starting to really grow in popularity. It’s a more realistic take on the sometimes over the top classic pomp.

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The Gentleman's Pompadour Men's Hairstyle

The Natural PartConsisting of a 3+ Guard, the natural part is best for gentleman who have naturally wavy hair. Instead of using a strong hold product this style uses a more natural clay or lite hold product to achieve an overall shape.

The Loose Pompadour Men's Hairstyle

The Modern Side Part – The Modern side part is a modified undercut. The barber should cut the back in a layered fashion as to prevent the diagonal “V” shape created by the normal undercut. The layer should gradually get longer towards the front, about 4.5”+ 

The Modern Sidepart Men's Hairstyle

The Patterned PompadourThis cut varies from it’s brethren in that the styling is different, but the cut is the same. The difference for this cut is that it requires pomade to be applied on the underside to provide lift. This is a volume centered style and would be tricky for day-to-day styling.

The Patterned Pompadour Men's Hairstyle

The Swedish Fold – Simply put, this style is growing incredibly popular thanks to certain celebrities. Short and to the point, this is pompadour with about a 5 level bleach.

The Justin Bieber Men's Hairstyle

The Stacked FadeThis is probably the newest cut on our list. A hybrid between the classic fade and a pompadour this style also boasts well for curly/wavy hair. Ask for a 1-guard fade up to about 3-4 in a top blend and finish with a Matte Clay.

The Stackable Fade Men's Hairstyle

The 90’s BlendMade popular in New York during the 90’s this natural style consists of a scissor cut blend with little to no product finish.

The 90's Blend Men's Hairstyle


The Modern UndercutThis extremely popular hairstyle consists of a 0-2 guard fade into a no blend mid-long/long length top finish with a middle centered blend to produce the iconic “V” back finish. Usually styled with Strong Hold Pomade for more of a classic look it can also be styled with a Medium Hold Wax for more casual days.

The Modern Undercut Men's Hairstyle

The Boston PartThis cut requires no product but does require mild/strong curled hair. Many have attempted, few have perfected.

The Boston Part Men's Hairstyle

The Wall Street Part  - Similar to the 90’s blend this style required a pretty significant commitment to length. Usually consists of scissor cut blend to 5”+ length on top and a flat blend finish on the top.

The Don Draper Men's Hairstyle

The LA Blend – This style gained noticeable popularity within the surfing community. Also requiring 3-4 hours of salt water in your hair (which most of us can’t afford) or a lite hold clay product,or a this style is perfect for someone looking to have a casual/natural look. A 3-guard blend to center focused scissor finish on top and you’ll have one of our favorite cuts.

The LA Blend Men's Hairstyle

The Classic Side Part – This is one of the most iconic styles around. This cut should be achievable for almost any hair type. A 2-guard fade up for a classic part and 0-fade up for something a little more modern. Finish with Pomade pomade for a tight natural hold.

The Classic Sidepart Men's Hairstyle

The Natural UndercutThis, unlike it’s close tied brethren, consists of a completely scissor cut finish. No guard should be used on the side to provide ample length and usually finished with little to no product.

The Natural Undercut Men's Hairstyle

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