Alright, no messing about. You’re probably on a break from your job or sitting on the john right now so lets get down to it.

Tip #1 Get a Cut from a Barber, not a Salon or Haircut Chain

This is BY FAR the MOST IMPORTANT TIP ON THE LIST (Hence the capital letters man). Read that again, “Do not ever, I mean ever, get your hair cut anywhere else but at a legitimate barber shop.” Period. It’s really not rocket science. Look at it this way, you’re a guy, barbers cut guys hair and most have an almost zealous passion for perfect cuts. It’s like taking your BMW to a Toyota mechanic, you just don’t do it. Not sure how to find a legit barber in your area? Here’s 3-easy steps.

- Step #1 – Ask around. Ask buddies at work with similar cuts or on the softball team. Hell, ask a stranger if you like their hair, if their local you’ll have your answer.

- Step #2 – Your busy at work so don’t have friends, we get it, we work a lot to. At this point it’s time to turn to Yelp. They usually will have some great images of previous haircuts, reviews and price points (everything you should need to make a decision).

- Step #3 – Research on IG. Most skilled Barbers are proud of their craft and will post a few photos a day. Find one with the same vibe you’re looking for in your area, send him a PM and boom. 

Tip #2 – Get a cut that fits your natural hair type and hairline

To be honest, if you already took care of Tip #1 you shouldn’t have a problem with this. Unfortunately, most barbers aren’t going to argue with you about what hairstyle is best for you, although they will most likely give some recommendations. 

So what exactly do we mean by this? Well it’s simple, if you have extremely curly hair, maybe a hard part pomp isn’t the best bet. On the other hand, if you have thinning hair, maybe an undercut won’t work either. Check our quick guide below for recommendations. 

3 Tips for the Perfect Hairstyle

Tip #3 – The Right Product…

First and foremost if you’re looking to style a classic cut (by classic we mean undercut, side part, pompadour, etc.) and are using Gel, mousse or hairspray, you’re already doomed. To achieve a classic men’s hair style like the pompadour or side part, you’re product must absolutely have a wax of some sort in it.  

Why’s that? Well in short, to provide the correct thickness, hold and volume, wax is the only known product capable of doing this. It was used by our grandparents so it’s definitely good enough for us. Here is a quick guide to product types and what style they work best for.

- Lite Hold Matte Clay This product is developed to work with ‘Natural’ hairstyles. Low shine and a lite hold, this product usually mimics that “Post swim in the ocean” look.

 - Medium Hold Fiber Pomade DevelopedThis product is developed to provide a loose hold. In short, instead of using a firming agent like Strong Hold Pomades, it uses micro-crystaline fibers that will provide flexibility and the ability to run your hands through your hair and/or restyle throughout the day.

Strong Hold Classic Pomade for styling a hard part, classic side part or pompadour, this product is a strong holding product that will keep every hair in place. 

Take yee tips forward and style happily friends!

Happy Grooming.