Shameless plug. Gloating. Product promotion. Whatever you want to call it, that’s what this is. But, in our defense, this bag is pretty sick.

Admiral Dopp Kit

There are a few special things about this bag. First, it’s the only product from our entire line not made in Southern California. It is manufactured in Washington State. Originally when we came to the conclusion that we needed to add a Dopp Kit to our growing line of products we shopped around a few dozen options. Many of those were over-seas options that would be about half the cost. In the end we decided to keep production close to home and set up shop with our Washington affiliate 

Secondly, this bag is actually hand made. No, not like the “Well the leather tab on the zipper is handmade” shit. This bag from design to fruition is a completely handmade product.

Admiral Handmade Dopp Kit Photo 2

Finally, the bag is slightly smaller than most bags on the market. As a company that always over thinks their products, we decreased dimensions the bag size as we’re guessing you won’t be traveling with a 12oz shampoo? The smaller size and Waxed Canvas material makes this bag the ultimate travel partner.

In the end, we wanted to make a superior quality bag that was Handmade in the USA, Durable and the right size. Check out the bag in one of our Deluxe Kits  or on it's own.

Happy Grooming!