Use the Right Grooming Products

1. Use the Right Products
Some people may think this is a given but in the ever growing world of Grooming, trends come and go, hairstyles change and the age old question of  “Beard or no Beard?” is something we hear often. In the end, depending on your style you need to buy the correct products. If you, like us, choose the no beard path you will need the “Right” products for your shave. If you want the classic side part, you’ll need a stronger hold styling product. Do yourself a favor, watch some review and tutorials, test different products and find the exact match for what you need and stick to it.

Get a Grooming Routine and Stick to it

2. When it Comes to Hair, Routine is King
Having a routine is also a very straight forward tip, but one of importance. Most classic hairstyle take time and patience to develop to perfection. Your hair is like any other body part, it responds well to routine. I mean, you don’t go to the gym for 5 days then take 3 weeks off and expect to lift the same amount day 1, right? The same can be said for your hair. When you style it in the same manner daily it will naturally lean towards that style and make you life that much easier. 

Guys who Groom are more successful

3. Daily Grooming is Good for Your Health & Career
A Recent study that was released showed guys who practice daily grooming routines are 3x more confident and 2x more successful in their chosen career paths than their counterparts. Why might you ask? Because they feel like fucking James Bond, that’s why! 

From the Admiral team, Happy Grooming