Looking to achieve a Pompadour? Pomade is going to be your best bet. Now, within the Pomade world there are numerous different types which makes this article even more necessary. To start we’ll quickly run through the other types of products on the market and why they won’t work for that classic pompadour look. 

Hair Gel
Hair gel gained popularity in the early 90’s. It’s a water based holding product designed to be wet during application and then harden to keep hair in place.  This product was great for the “Friends” spike and hence why guys liked; it styled properly and then literally cemented your hair in place.

Men's Hair Gel

Going back even further, more of a product from the 80’s hair mouse was very similar to hair gel, just with a foamy texture. What makes Mousse different from hair gel? In the end, nothing really. It’s pretty much like using regular hand soap or foamy hand soap, they both just clean your hands, just like both these products harden. 

Men's Hair MousseHair Spray
Not only for girls (I mean, it should be) but hair spray has been known to be used by some guys. Similar to the (2) previous products, hair spray contains a “Hardening” agent. The difference is this product can be used a little more universally for more natural styles. 

Men's Hair Spray

Finally, we come to the king of all styling products; Pomade. Pomade is unique from the following 3 products for one very specific reason; it contains wax, preferably beeswax. Of these 4 products pomade has been around the longest. The original pomades we’re simply a mix of oil types, soft and hard and not easily washed out. These days with the movement of Water-Based Pomades guys can experience that classic soft/natural feel of the early pomades but with the ease of wash ability.

Men's Hair Pomade


Obviously different people prefer different products but if you’re in the business of the classic side-part or Pompadour, we highly recommend trying out a pomade that contains beeswax for superior performance. Happy grooming!