Pick your unique style - Let’s start from the top down. How you style your hair says a lot about you, from short and simple to a slicked back pompadour, trust me the ladies notice. Before you begin your regular styling routine, and yes you should have one, think about what a lady desires. Your hair represents you, so I’m not saying your mane should stray from your unique personality. (Just know there’s such a thing as too messy.) Regular cuts, combs and styling are a must. Whether you buzz, use product or are repping a man bun, we want to know you take pride in the way you look. As long as you put some effort into it, we’ll appreciate it.

Don’t overdo it - Now that you’ve chosen a style that screams you, it’s time to pick your products. Remember that episode of Friends when Ross’s hair is too greasy? No? Well sure as shit your chick does and it only helps make our point more clear. The last thing a girl wants when she runs her fingers through your hair is residue from your styling product. Ick. Tone it down Mr. Bond, the directions say a dime size amount for a reason. When it comes to perfecting your locks, the old adage couldn’t be more true, less is definitely more. Side note: Please never, ever, use gel. No blue goo in the lou.

Scrub-a-dub-dub dude - Cosmetics are a multi-million dollar industry, and for good reason. Ever snooped around a lady’s shower the morning after and wonder what the hell all those bottles and tubes are for? Ok I admit we may overdo it at times, but each and every beauty product has a purpose. We might be mad if you use the last of our salon shampoo, but ask to sample our face scrub and we’ll be pleasantly surprised. Most men have the hair and body cleansing down, but totally miss the mark when it comes to their face. You may feel a bit feminine at first but trust me women love a fresh face.

To shave or not to shave, pick one - Every girl has her own taste. Some like wine, some beer and some strictly stick to vodka. The important thing here, we know what we like and we know what we hate. Whether you shave every morning or jumped on the beard bandwagon be aware there is one thing your face must never sport. The dreaded sharp stubble. I’m not talking about the sexy stubble the George Clooney sports, we love that. No this is that awful razor sharp shit that attacks our soft cheeks when we go in for the kiss. How would you feel walking away from a make out session with a red rash all over your face and neck, sorry guys but it’s a deal breaker. If you plan on meeting up with your lady please shave, and if you’re too lazy to shave, grow a (short) beard.

Appeal to our fifth sense, smell - This should be obvious but honestly breezing by dozens of groomed men every morning on my way to the office, I can tell that GQ readers are missing something. When it comes to cologne; never too much, never mismatch and never use Axe. Here’s a hint, however your applying your signature scent it should be just enough that a girl needs to lean in close to soak up your smell. Picture this, when you meet her at the bar, you want her to catch a sniff as she shakes your hand. Make her find an excuse to move closer to you and find out exactly what smells so darn good.   


From the Admiral Team, Happy Grooming!