The Loose PompadourThis slightly textured cut features 3” guard on the sides (maybe even more) and zero layering to boot.

The Loose Pompadour Men's Hairstyle

The Modern Bowl CutMade popular in Sweden, this cut is the rookie of the year. Featuring a short top with zero fade. Try this out if you dare.

The Modern Bowl Cut Men's Hairstyle

The Modern Pompadour As one of the most popular cuts currently, this cut features a longer-than-traditional top and a 3”+ guard on the sides. Using a blend, this cut will be in style for years to come.

The Modern Pompadour Men's Hairstyle

The Prince HarryWell, maybe in his younger days. This style requires wavy/curly hair, so if you don’t have that, stay away.

The Prince Harry Men's Hairstyle

The Full BlendA modern take on the dead and gone “90’s” fluff, this cut is a popular for working professionals.

The Full Blend Men's Hairstyle

The Classic Side PartThis cut, borrowed from yester-years is a classic/traditional cut from the early 1900’s. Hey, if it was good enough for you grandpa who had 3 jobs and walked 10 miles to work everyday, it’s good enough for you…

The Full Blend Men's Hairstyle

The Long UndercutBuyer beware, this cut requires much upkeep. If you’re looking for a cut you don’t have to style every day, this isn’t it. This cut requires Product daily to keep on point…otherwise I hope you have a good hat collection.

The Long Undercut Men's Hairstyle

The Don DraperThis is a modern (No…Don Draper didn’t invent this shit) take on a classic cut. Scissor cut side with a long top + Pomade = This cut.

The Don Draper Men's Hairstyle

The Messy LookNot a favorite amongst barbers, you may be better suited getting this styled in a salon. Usually scissor cut and styled with a Matte Clay this can be a low maintenance/high maintenance cut depending on your OCD.

The Messy Look Men's Hairstyle

The “Boston Blend” – A modern take on the “Preppy Cut”, this is an east coast favorite.

The Boston Blend Men's Hairstyle

The Pompadour – This classic cut requires no introduction, unless you’ve been living under a rock! 

The Pompadour Men's Hairstyle

The Layered UndercutSimilar to the long undercut in that it has length on top, this uses a top blend to make the cut fall much more naturally.

The Layered Undercut Men's Hairstyle

The Classic Undercut – Plain and simple, everyone has it right now… join the herd.

The Classic Undercut Men's Hairstyle

The Messy ComboWell it’s a combination of both beard and hair. Not everyone can pull this off. If you have the beard and your boss is cool with you looking like the most stylinsh hobo on the scene… get growing.

The Messy Combo Men's Hairstyle

The California Part Borrowed from the classic 60’s surf scene, this cut is definitely our favorite (but we’re from California so maybe we’re bias.)

The California Pompadour Men's Hairstyle

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